“A friendly, bright, British voice. Playful and precise with a hint of North East England” is how I’ve been described by voiceover coach, Gary Terzza.

Although I’m from the North East and based in the North East of England, I have offered a whole range of characters, voices and accents for projects across the UK and around the world; including voicing an animated Geordie yellow cow called Ermintrude, a Scottish tour guide for a travel company to a Queen-like Empress for a sci-fi cartoon.

I bring over 10 years’ experience to the role, voicing e-learning, animations, explainer videos, TV and radio commercials, telephone prompts/IVR and video games. But whatever way you need a voice in your project – I’m there!

Get In Touch

How does it work?

It’s a very simple process. Once your script is signed off, send me the script with any directions (including pronunciations) and I can provide you with three variations. Pick-ups are included in the cost. But if you need to change the script, that will be charged as extra.

How much does it cost?  

There are lots of variations on this.For example, how long is the script? How complicated is the script? Where will be it used – and for how long? But please just ask and we can talk about it further.

How is it recorded and delivered?

All audio is recorded in my broadcast quality studio at home. You can book a specific slot and listen in/direct me via skype or you can leave the rest to me. All audio will be sent as a WAV or MP3 via Dropbox, Google Drive or other file sharing service so you have several versions to play with.

How long will it take?  

Again, it depends on how big the script is and how complicated it is. But we can talk about that when we discuss your project further.

Please get in touch to find out more…

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