A couple of weeks ago, my ‘other half’ and I took a few days off. The weather wasn’t great, so most of our activities remained indoors and one of those days was spend perusing the sights and shops of Newcastle.

On our travels we ended up in Grainger market and found a long sought after and much loved ‘Russian cake’ at an artisan bakery.  This discovery excited me beyond belief. I hadn’t seen this stuff for over 20 years, no exaggeration. And in a flash, I was talking to staff, taking photos and asking them about their Twitter account.

This is my life these days. If I want to highlight the joys of a business I’ve just discovered, sing from the rooftops about a particularly good service that I’ve just received, or have a public gripe about a bad experience and want to reach the eyes of that business…I take to Twitter.

For me, Twitter has a two-pronged ‘attack’. I want potential customers to see it, but I also want the business to see it – and believe me, it can often work with much greater effectiveness than contacting customer services directly!

Many businesses are getting wise to the power of Twitter and how you can grow and nurture good relationships through it. But some haven’t quite discovered its worth…

How many times have I asked a business, ‘are you on Twitter’, only to be met with the answer, ‘err no’ or ‘I think so’? A fair few times, I can tell you.

How many times have I asked a business, ‘what’s your Twitter name’, only to be met with the answer, ‘erm, I’m not sure. I don’t use it’? Again, a fair few.

So there I am, right in front of them ready to sing like a canary about the great stuff that they’re doing, and the best I can do is frantically search, just in case they’re in the Twitter world somewhere. Or tell that one person in front of my face that everything was super today. Of course that’s nice, but a missed opportunity, don’t you think?

5 Top Tips

1)    If your business doesn’t have a Twitter account – set one up. It doesn’t cost you anything to do it and you can make sure that your business has a presence on that platform.

2)    Give your Twitter account your business name – keep it simple and memorable.

3)    Once you have the name – REMEMBER IT!

4)    Make sure that your staff (if you have staff, obviously) know that you have an account AND what it’s called, so that they can share the chance to interact too.

5)    Make sure that your Twitter name is on your branding, leaflets, menus, other social media platforms etc. It’s a free tool and another way for people to find you, communicate with you…and buy from you!

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Posted on July 13th 2015

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