There’s something that’s happened to me a few times over the last few months that niggles me, but I generally grumble a bit and move on.  You’ll know what it is if you use Twitter, and chances are it’s happened to you too.

But this thing that “niggles” moved to real annoyance once I’d received several in just a few days.  What am I on about?  Auto responder sales tweets in a DM.  I can feel my pressure rise just thinking about the cheek of it, the thoughtlessness if it and I suspect, the pointlessness of it too.

This is the sort of thing “Thanks for following, we have social media marketing packages available from £149, check ****** for more! Have a good day!”  My response was this, “Do you indeed. I do my own social media & it doesn’t include pinging out DMs about my services!!”

And another: “Thanks for connecting. I specialize in WordPress websites. Please let me know if you need help with modifying or creating a new WP website.” To which I replied, “This is SPAM!!”

Both were followed by a swift unfollow by me.  So that worked well as a marketing tool for them, didn’t it?

It’s great to thank people for connecting, but just do it in a simple tweet.  If I require something like WordPress management, I’ll seek someone out who comes highly recommended.

Business from Twitter is very achievable, just not, I believe using the aforementioned strategy.  These DMs seem to be coming from impersonal accounts with no purpose apart from selling, and to me that removes the ‘social’ element from social media marketing.

Following through with this strategy could see Richard Branson getting offers of help for business coaching and development, and Stephen Fry (9.2million followers and counting) getting offers to “increase your Twitter followers. GUARANTEED”, by someone with a grand total of 122.  Very silly and certainly doesn’t show credibility.

That’s certainly a big Twitter no-no for me, what’s yours?

Posted on April 5th 2015

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