Media Training

Getting in front of the microphone or camera can be a daunting experience for many. “How will I look?”, “How will I sound?”, “What if I say the wrong thing?”. Don’t let those worries be a barrier to getting your message out to the wider world. Hiding behind that fear of the unknown could mean that someone else is taking those opportunities to share their expertise instead.

I bring 30 years of live broadcasting experience to the role of media trainer. I’ve interviewed several thousand people from all walks of life, so I know what makes good a story, what makes engaging radio and what brings the best out of people.

My approachable sessions are tailored to the requirements of you, your team and your business needs. But more importantly, the sessions are engaging, practical, fun and delivered in a clear and concise way without clichés and pointless jargon.

Not only do the sessions give you a confidence boost, because you’ll be more prepared, but it’s actually a great opportunity to take an analytical view of your business. Nothing helps you to evaluate your own features and benefits for the organisation more than trying to explain what you do to someone else.

Get in touch to find out more about my hands on media sessions.

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