Event Hosting

From ladies’ lunches, charity afternoon teas, award ceremonies, auctions and fundraisers, you always need someone to keep things running, be ‘on the ball’ and think ahead - even when things aren’t going quite to plan behind the scenes.

A good host can keep the audience warm and entertained, is flexible, is ready for the unexpected and can step in if anything goes wrong!

What are the benefits of bringing in an experienced host?

1. It takes the pressure off YOU.

You can’t be in two places at once and you can’t really worry about the finer detail while focusing on the bigger picture on stage. This is where I step in.

2. Keep up the energy.

Not everything runs smoothly all of the time, no matter how much planning and preparation you do. A good host will make it look effortless, keeping the energy high and seamlessly covering for something that’s not quite perfect - only you will ever know!

3. Creating a special event.

An event host doesn’t have to be a “famous face”, but a good host DOES have to have the skills to put people at ease.And with every event I host, I do that very thing to make people feel comfortable – even when standing up to read a citation or give an award.

I also capture the occasion perfectly with my traditional “Big Room Selfie” at the start, which well and truly warms up the crowd and keeps people talking long after the last drink has been sipped!

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